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Getting the most from your Phoenix Electric Firelighter

Your Phoenix Firelighter ignites solid fuels via  super heated air (not a flame). It must not be left unattended and must not be used by Children. It has been developed as an easy way of lighting Solid Fuels (Wood , Coal, Peat , Barbeques and Garden Waste)

Laying your fire

Lay your fire, this is now much easier (no for need kindling , newspaper or any of the multitude of little firelighters). Just place fuel in the Fireplace / Log Burner / Open Fire, absolutely no need for small logs.

Lighting your fire 

Take your Phoenix Firelighter and point the Firelighter 2-3cm from the base of the fire , ideally where 2 logs (or other solid fuel) are butting up to each other (the aim here is to point the Phoenix firelighter at the edges of the wood rather than the middle of a log, providing more oxygen to get the fire going) . The Stand can easily be adjusted up/down and tilt using the Turn Screw. Once you are happy with the position of your Phoenix firelighter and have safely tightened the Turn Screw you are now ready to start the fire, plug the Mains Plug into the Mains Power Supply and turn on at the wall, the LED on top of the Phoenix firelighter will now show GREEN, The Phoenix firelighter is now on ‘Stand By’ and is ready for use.

Depress the start / stop button and hold down for 5 seconds or so, the LED on the Phoenix firelighter will now turn RED and start to work (the fan will now be on, blowing a gentle stream of air towards the target area, the heat element will be rapidly heating up.)

In about 1 minute later you will see a heat spot forming on the fuel, shortly after this heat specks will show, with the fire bursting into life  shortly afterwards. This period of time will vary depending on the type and moisture content of the Solid Fuel being lit

It is best to leave the Phoenix firelighter on for a few minutes more to really get the fire going.

When you are comfortable that the fire is well away, depress the on / off button for approx 2 seconds, the LED on the Phoenix firelighter will then flash Green / Red this indicates that it has now started the ‘Shut Down Phase’ – During this Phase the heat element is off and the fan continues to run acting as a bellows for your fire and cooling the heat element and heat tube. After 4 minutes the Shut Down Phase will be complete and the Phoenix firelighter will automatically stop and will return to ‘Stand By’ with the LED returning to GREEN.

Turn the mains supply off and remove the Plug from the wall socket.

Move the Phoenix firelighter to the side of the fire for safe storage, please be aware that the Heat Tube may still be hot.

NEVER leave the Phoenix Firelighter unattended

NEVER allow Children to use the Phoenix Firelighter

TIME OUT – The Phoenix firelighter has an inbuilt Timer, which will automatically trigger the Phoenix firelighter to start the Shut Down Phase and turn itself off if left on for 8 minutes, this is a safety precaution and should not be used as an auto shutdown feature.

TILT SWITCH – The Phoenix firelighter comes with a large ultra stable stand, however for extra piece of mind it has an advanced Tilt Switch fitted, this will automatically Turn the Phoenix firelighter off if the Firelighter is knocked over.

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