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Our Mission

Phoenix Firelighters is a brand owned by Energon Solutions Ltd

Energon Solutions have a history in bringing new technology lifestyle products to the market. Energon Solutions were primarily involved in the Lithium Polymer battery markets, this market matured and and the knowledge of this important technology was incorporated within the companies first product HotRox Electronic Handwarmers.

These wonderful modern rechargeable hand warmers have helped thousands of people keep warm as they go about their daily lives, from children to the elderly, everybody loves a hotrox. HotRox is now being Distributed in Germany,Sweden,Ireland and the Netherlands.

Energon Solutions Ltd is based near Cambridge in the UK.

In addition to the Phoenix Firelighter and HotRox, Energon Distributes other Consumer electronic products. These include popular two way radio, ham radio and walkie talkies from Brands such as Intek, Icom, yaesu, ldg,cobra, maas.

With a huge selection of linear and switch mode bench power supply from Maas and Alinco. Specialist rc accessories and equipment including rc lipo chargers rc balancing equipment from Bantam Tek and specialist on board electronics from power box-systems in Germany.

Energon Solutions sticks to its tech roots and can't resist iincluding an extensive gadget section, showing all the latest and greatest tech gadgets , shipped direct to the customer at wholesale prices straight from the far east.

Energon will continue to bring new and exciting life style products that make your life better.

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